Once you try the Clik Valve system, you’ll never go back to the “old way”.

Clik. Inflate.

The Clik Valve is more than just an improvement, it's the elimination of a universal frustration with tire inflation. Push-it-on, Pull-it-off. So easy, it can be done with just two fingers! Our effortless quick-connect design eliminates frustrating pump attachment. As a plus, our valve is backwards compatible with standard Presta pump-heads. So no-matter what pump you are near, you are able to adjust your pressures as needed.

Easy To Make The switch

The Clik Valve simply replaces your current valve stem and pump head. The Clik Valve is also backwards compatible with typical Presta pumps, so even when you don't have your Clik Pump-head you can still adjust your tire pressure with ease.